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December 11th, 2011 by admin

The Implementation of FIR protocol

To qualify for Tree protocol, it will be in place (education or training activity) for at least 2 months  
in the last 12 months prior to 10 July 2000 and have three years (full-time equivalent) of seniority of effective teaching for the past 8 years service: so there is no more dead date. The plan is for a period of 5 years from 1 January 2001 (it has already started already in the public schools.) 
For the first level, the terms of the plan are being renewed. In the 2d degree by cons, we know that the Department has made ​​the choice of a specific contractual terms, taking those of Perben:. Access contract will list by aptitude on scales assistant teachers  
remains the crucial issue of employment. We may end up in a paradoxical situation especially in the first degree where teachers who meet all the conditions that have passed the competition, would lose the benefit of lack of vacancies. 
Finally, there is the whole issue of compensation: one can simply see teachers access to a contract and stay on scales of teachers or teaching assistants. 
Department is committed in the blurb decrees, to take the measures necessary for promotions MA 15500 and for 18500 AE: we will be vigilant.

November 4th, 2010 by admin

Vocational education: the future of 4 and 3 Techno

 While Mélenchon, Minister in charge of vocational education, has taken a clear position in favor of these classes , in a press release 14/02/2001 CAMS reiterates the importance of these classes for youth that the issue of college is debate for VET CFDT has long championed the existence of these classes LP, this is not the first defense of the LP structure and jobs related to premium, but taking into account the interest of students.

   In any case we say that these classes should not be removed as a device effective replacement is not implemented. We do not accept the current policy is to let the presidents decide to close or maintenance of these classes according to very different criteria.The only valid criterion for us is that the future of students and provide them with opportunities to prospect qualification and employment .

ur organization is still out there on the consistency between what the minister wants to keep these classes in the LP and the attitude of a number of presidents who have committed a closing operation of these sections for years. Decentralization has sometimes right back …

September 17th, 2009 by admin


Indices have not changed compared to the previous salary grid, but the period of the last levels were decreased (CPN May 14, 2002)

August 8th, 2009 by admin


VET CFDT joins call FAEN organizations, FERC CGT, FSU, NMS CFDT, UNSA Education, CIPF LDIFs, UNL, UNEF to say that education and training must remain a priority for the nation.We will participate in the national event Sunday, December 8th in Paris at 1:00 p.m. Place Denfert-Rochereau

October 15th, 2008 by admin


In the previous CCM, the department was committed to ensure that there is no redundancy in the private agricultural education. Hard promise! Following the CCM meeting of 5 July 2002, nothing is done: we will have to revisit post office. To facilitate negotiations, it is essential that all colleagues in job loss “play the game” and postulate actually on vacancies before July 20.

October 7th, 2008 by admin


All unions in VET will be represented by their delegates met in extraordinary congress on October 9 Paris to 
decide on the reform of the articles of association. This is certainly not the first statutory amendment, but it is certainly the most important long in the federation.

August 22nd, 2008 by admin


A delegation from the EFF was received Wednesday, July 3 in the office of Minister for School Education, X. Darcos by Mr. Perret, following issues of private education. Mr. Perret shares our concern about the drift of the case and we consider that the masters of private property must remain under public law. We also discussed other issues such as employment and pensions ….
An interesting first hearing, but left to the presentation of views of each.
The EFF launches petition campaign: We need every member to sign and do sign his colleagues to demonstrate clearly that the vast majority of teachers demanding these changes.

December 21st, 2007 by admin


Decrees on the first and second degree
Decree No. 2002-129 of 31 January 2002 laying down exceptional arrangements for obtaining a contract delegates masters of private schools under contract to the second degree. (OJ No 28 of 02 February 2002). NB the PERBEN measures (first degree) are still in force this year.
Additional texts on contracting DA second degree.
Decree of 25 February 2002 concerning the composition and operation of the Selection Committee. (OJ No 55 of 6 March 2002 BO No. 12 of 21 March 2002). Order of 25 February 2002 on the control of the teaching ability of teachers in pre-trial agreement (OJ No 55 of 6 March 2002 BO No. 12 of 21 March 2002).
Memorandum No. 2002-053 06-03-2002 regarding the contracting of DA Application of Decree No. 2002-129 of 31 January 2002. (BO No. 11 of 14 March 2002). Academic quota allocation is not output.

October 18th, 2007 by admin


All organizations are willing to stick to a harmonization of the common parts of the three conventions, each keeping its peculiarities on categories, wage scales, working hours , leave.The three collective agreements of Education staff, Administrative staff, Economic Service (AES) and Documentalists were combined into a single document. This merger has highlighted the differences between the three conventions where the need for harmonization. This last meeting (18 November) should allow progress in discussions between the partners … At this stage, we can not yet say precisely where you are going. VET ensure that employers do not take the opportunity to bring a “leveling down”.

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October 12th, 2007 by admin

Elections CCMA 2001 Metropolis: results

VET CFDT, already well ahead in the 1998 elections among teachers of secondary schools with more than 40% of the vote continues to grow: it gains in voice, weight and seats. 
23,379 voters out of a total of 54,085 votes cast chose FEP or 1227 votes more than in 1998. VET alone represents 43.2% of voters.

The EFF also won two seats be elected 60 in total , one loses the SNEC and 37 elected officials, SPELC also lost a seat and 28 elected. 
Overall VET alone, almost as much as the elected . SPELC and SNEC together 
All indicators are on the rise, with a rate of turnout in 2001 is exemplary in today’s society: 69.8%.                                                    
     These elections show that a growing number of colleagues recognize the effectiveness Labour elected VET CCMA: at individual defense, dissemination of information on their career, promotions … They also know they can rely on them for all matters relating to the defense of their employment, their contract … 
This is also the result of the work of all activists in schools: they are indispensable relay closer to the teachers, and make a realfieldwork and proximity .

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     This success is also a sign that almost one in two teachers is recognized in the choice of the federation as in the design of an educational system and its reform in colleges and high schools in our desire to be recognized as teachers associated with public education service , which means a clear public law status. But success also requires us to be the expectations of those who trusted us. For the 2d degree, beyond the status of teachers, we must reach a revaluation of careers, the right to a full service for all those who want a reduction of insecurity , better organization of work with guaranteed by the State, but also for urgent progress on the reduction of working time and the proper recognition of the development of our business in line with the ongoing reforms today.