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July 19th, 2005 by admin


In a number of institutions or departments, the move to “35 hours” does not go well for employees who were intermittent contract before 1 September 1999. 
VET supports the workers affected. (Weekly Federal 4 July 2002).

April 3rd, 2005 by admin

The decree adopted agricultural RETREP

CNEA July 3, had two very important texts for teachers in private schools, the draft decree “TCAA” (ex RETREP.) 
It will therefore necessary that six months after the enactment of the law establishing a temporary allocation of early retirement (TCAA) for a draft decree to be presented to the mandatory consultative body of CNEA.  
The final draft was presented to the CNEA therefore quite acceptable, although some amendments could still improve. The main thing is that now crosses the next obstacle course (State Council, interdepartmental agreements, the Council of Ministers) with the same speed, until its publication in the OJ!

June 1st, 2003 by admin

December 6 Nice

A delegation of the federation and its unions were present among the 15,000 protesters CFDT. If the staff of institutions and private training organizations wanted to show they want a more social Europe, they say also affected by harmonization of diplomas, the emergence of new forms of certification, development of distance learning that know no borders, competition between training organizations.

January 2nd, 2003 by admin

Motion passed unanimously on November 30, 2000 THE CF

Officials of the Federation of Training and Education Private CFDT, National Council met in Paris on 29 and 30 November 2000 analyzed the progress of wage bargaining in the sector of Continuing Education.

VET – CFDT signing the agreement on the establishment of 35 hours in December 1999 and took majority organization assumes its responsibility in the industry. She had accepted a one-year freeze on conventional minimum. This year has elapsed. The wage freeze in no case continue.

While everyone agrees that promises improvement in the area of training, responsible for FEP-CFDT believe that wage negotiations for 2001 must be carried to completion and allow the maintenance of purchasing power of employees 
they can not accept the proposals of the FFP for simply up low wages at the minimum wage. 
They reaffirm that negotiations on conventional minimum is the responsibility of organizations at national level and can not be only returned to training organizations at the local level. 
They can not accept the risk that staff are treated differently depending on whether they belong to organizations involved in the market or by public funds. These staff members of the profession, they must have the same guarantees.

As a result, they support the claims of the employees of the Ongoing Formation and expect employers to finally engage in wage negotiations for 2001 on serious and credible basis.